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Welcome to the food stuff. As we love food very much, this page will hopefully capture all the delicious (or different) things we come across on our travels. Some recipes will be our own creations, others will be adapted from established recipes - because they don't need to be messed with. If you try any yourselves, let us know how it turns out!

Recent recipes:

17 Jul

Fish Amok, Cambodia

By Keith & Corallie

Milking the coconuts on our market tour

There's only one type of amok in Cambodia we were informed, with equal measures of humour and seriousness, and that's a river-fish amok; you go into the tourist places and they try to sell you chicken or beef amok or whatever, it's not amok! here to read more

27 Jun

Pomelo salad, Thailand

By Keith

Separating the pomelo chunks

One of the things we love about the food in Thailand is the fresh and colourful fruit and veg - the climate is perfect for growing a variety of delights and for our first recipe we wanted to celebrate these. Sure Thailand is famous for its delicious noodle dishes, but I don't think you can beat a tasty light and spicy Thai salad! here to read more

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