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01 Feb

Cape Foulwind and the Start of the West Coast, New Zealand

By Corallie

The Gold Route!

Having gotten myself into a spot of... pure mortification, by shouting my mouth off about someone I frankly didn't know (lesson learned, until the next time I imagine!) I was in a contemplative mood leaving Westport on what was a beautifully cloudless day. We had decided to head to the coast and take the scenic route to Charleston, the next town en-route of our tour of the West Coast. Our first stop less than 15 km away, the magnificent Cape Foulwind, so named by James Cook in 1770 because of the raging 'foul winds' that blew the Endeavour far out to sea during some particularly torrid weather. Our experience however, was quite the here to read more

31 Jan

The Gold Rush, New Zealand

By Keith

The route!

"Beware of the sand-flies," had been a recurring theme, nay, a recurring warning, in our conversations with travellers and locals alike when our trip itinerary reached the west coast of the south island. These little blighters, who outnumber the human population at a ratio of around a million to one in these parts were also infamous for their itchy pin-prick bites, which one should avoid itching at all here to read more

30 Jan

Along the Buller Gorge, New Zealand

By Corallie

The Route!

"Down by the Bay; Down by the Bay," here to read more

29 Jan

A long, hot slog, New Zealand

By Keith

El route

Feeling somewhat rested after our weather inspired bonus rest day, we packed up early with the aim of a solid day's cycling to Murchison. Cruising out of Tapawera however I had a glimpsing recollection that during our post-haste pack up, I didn't recall seeing our green sharp-knife - Corallie had no recollection whatsoever, although she didn't think she'd seen it in the kitchen when we left - and after a brief (and a little bit 'sharp') discussion on the merits of an organised packing system, we decided the probability of it being in the bags 'somewhere' outweighed the probability (and effort) of turning back 3 km to double-check, even with the risk of not being able to slice the tomatoes for our picnic lunch looming! here to read more

27 Jan

To Tapawera, New Zealand

By Corallie

El Route!

Tapawera, we gathered wasn't high on everyone's list of places to visit. Neither here nor there, it was one of those places you passed through rather than stopped in. For us though it was a nice halfway distance between coastal Motueka and the in-land town of Murchison, had a campsite with good reviews about its homeliness and stopped us just short of a slow uphill gravel section! Although we could have happily carried on following the coastline, it was time to head inland and to the west here to read more

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